Spring Is A Time For Rebirth

Spring is a beautiful time of year to watch the Earth re-new itself. Birds welcome Spring with their beautiful melodies, flowers embrace the warm weather, by reaching high and blooming towards the sun. The waters rejoice by flowing freely and the wildlife frolic through the forests.

Spring is also a time for personal re-birth, a time for renewing the soul. There are many ways to honor this glorious season without hurting our fragile environment.


♥ Find a hiking trail where the flowers are blooming and enjoy the fresh air and serenity. Some areas offer group wildflower hikes (google for tours in your area).

♥ One of the things I love to do is meditate in nature. I’ll find a beautiful spot in the mountains, or sit in a meadow and lose myself to the sights, smell and sounds of the natural world around me.

♥ Volunteer or visit an animal sanctuary. When I lived in Colorado, I volunteered at a wolf sanctuary. It was amazing to see these majestic animals up close.

♥ Find an outdoor exercise class, or gather some friends and discover a new outdoor activity.

♥ Plant a vegetable garden and enjoy the bounty of your labor. If you rent like I do, and are unable to plant a garden, find an organic farm and buy fresh produce straight from the source.

How do you embrace the Spring?


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