Life In Colorado

I’ve been reminiscing about my life in Colorado. Oh, how I miss it! The blue skies, the wildlife, the crisp mountain air, not to mention the friends and family I left behind.

The stories I could tell…

I remember one summer I watched a man chase a black bear up the road in his jeep. That was a sight to behold, I just wish, I thought to grab my camera.

One day my neighbor came home to find a mountain lion sunning himself on her deck! Needless to say she didn’t get out of her car.

We lived in the country (Pagosa Springs)  as you probably have already guessed. We owned hens and one rooster. We let them free roam, and on occasion we would lose one to wild animals. My son was looking out the window one morning and exclaimed “there’s a big dog chasing our chickens.” It turned out to be a coyote. I ran into our yard and chased the coyote away. Before he left, he stopped, turned around, gave the chickens one last glance, then ran off. Our chickens were safe that day. Our rooster ran up to me, shaking and huddled by my feet…poor Carlito.

I do however have a couple of pictures from our trip to the Colorado National Monument. It started off as a beautiful day with clear skies. As we stopped for our picnic, hail came out of no where… everybody was running for tree cover with plates in hand. It was a comical sight. The hail left as soon as it appeared.

We have a saying in Colorado: “The only thing you can count on, is the spontaneous change in weather.” So, if you ever find yourself hiking in the Colorado wilderness…be prepared!





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