A Life In Zen Blog Guide 2015

Dig into a delicious dose of creative and inspiring blogs for your mind, body and soul. The internet hosts an array of wonderful blogs, that will satisfy your palate and enlighten your spirit. Browse through some of my favorite blogs and feel inspired.

Let’s Get Cooking♥

The Vegan 8
Brandi’s blog has revolutionized cooking with her 8 ingredient recipes. They are delicious and easy to prepare. Get ready to bookmark and pin for days. Don’t miss out on her To Die For Vegan Toffee Fudge. It’s luscious simplicity in itself.

Against All Grain
I discovered Danielle’s blog last year. She has so many delicious grain free recipes, that I just had to buy her cookbook.  I have personally tried and loved her Grain Free Sandwich Bread, Dairy Free Black Bottom Banana Pie and oh my the list goes on.

The Coconut Mama
Tiffany serves up some delicious food. Her Coconut Berry Bars is just delicious goodness. You guessed, it her recipes are coconut based and oh so good.

Pumpkin & Peanut Butter
Liz’s blog title reeled me in and I’m glad it did. Her blog is fresh and her dishes are inspiring. Her Creamy Avocado Pasta is easy to prepare tantalizingly wonderful.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
Would it be weird to say I love Jamie Oliver? His vision on real foods and educating people, is outstanding and awe-inspiring. Jamie’s recipes are wonderfully creative and his Cupcakes with Berry Glaze, noteworthy.

The Art of Reading♥

March House Books
I love Barbara’s blog, it whisks me back to my childhood and all the wonderful books I clung to. Her blog offers author interviews, books for sale and musings on life. Barbara’s post, Was Miss. Bennett Amused? is entertaining and informative.

Life’s Moments♥

Earth Zen Mama
Jenn’s blog is thought-provoking and serene. She posts wonderful recipes and articles on living life in harmony. Don’t miss her post, My Job As A Mother.





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